Letter to Heaven

Coventry UK

23rd May 2020

Heaven this conversation is deep, strong powerful full of so much resilient, resistance as you rightly pointed (concerning ‘no apologies’). As l read the letter and Boxed in a few times,  from it I gathered a sense of drive echoed from a fellow woman on a totally different level. The fact that it is written down, and its not a table conversation is making sooo deep and powerful. The fact that there so much resonance is almost scary, but exciting. There is a project ‘create and talk’ l was running before lockdown, the focus of it was bringing women from all walks of life together, to converse and make something artistic. The goal is to highlight the point that we have more in common than we imagine.

Our conversations are revealing some interesting elements for me, one of them is to do with what do you do when that thing you have been talking about, yearning for, believing for. That thing you are convinced about, that you want it to happen or simply want to talk about it. What do you do when it comes full on face to face?

For me Stop (which was Press pause on my part) Boxed in (which is No apologies for me) and the resonance in our conversations (which is the create and talk).  I have to highlight these are not clinically categorised like this, in my brain.  Its more of discovering the synergy/relating as we converse

Anyway back to the point. What did l do when Stop knocked on my door? I struggled to stop, though l’ve been yearning for it

When Boxed in  and Categorical Fetishism come into my inbox it liberated me even more,

The resonance we have in our conversation is a tangible answer/truth/evidence etc to the abstract conversations that happen to us and fellow women around the world. Over coffee, dinner. Its capturing the ahhhs and wows moments that we know exist, the spirit of hey Girl you got this!!

Below l have captured some statements you wrote in the previous letter that spoke to me, they tickled me, made me giggle, touched me, empowered me and equally left me exhilarated. Thank you Heaven

That didn’t just hit me between the eyes, it punched me in the face! Sorry for the violent metaphor

Categories are, of course, important as a means of organising the social world in which we live. As such we will never be able to get rid of them. The problem is not categories per se but rather the fact that not all categories are equally recognised or valued. The differential value assigned by society to different categories is rooted in power and deep seated inequalities. Categories are not natural, neutral or simply descriptive. They are highly value-laden and they have consequences, particularly for those for whom these categories determine access to social/legal protection and rights.

‘I Rise’ make me tingle every time I watch it (and I watch it often!) As I say your piece – and your reading – reminded me of it so much.

Now I feel like I have plagiarised you, stolen your words! I’m sending it to you anyway because it was genuinely written as a response and because I am shocked by how similar it is (even the same words ‘I am me’)

Both pieces are angry and determined but there is also something quite sad (for me at least) about the fact that these things have to be said at all.

I think it’s the injustice of that, which both of us have felt so strongly in our own lives, that drives us to do the work we both do, in different ways.

@Categorical fetishism

This title blew my mind, love love! Then the document articulates the category issues so well it painted all sorts of visual in my mind, l have to say this was enjoyable to read. So creative and artistically inspiring.

Boxed in

And if I need a bigger box

A different box

I will find one

I love this woman! She is so sure, whether or not she is shaking in her boots shes doing it! Going for it! Boxed in, reminded me of my relationship with my ex husband. The stanza above is so bold and true. My plan was to respond to this however when l read Bend like the trees, it took me deeper!

Much love Laura


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