I remember the first time

The pleasure
The joy
The freedom

Watching the world turn
People pass
A new view
A different perspective

I push
And was pushed

The world started to spin
A blur

I hold on tight
Hunker down
Try to enjoy it
As pleasure turns to pain
Ride the storm

Catch my breathe
But cannot breathe

Scream inside

But it does not stop
It will not stop

I stretch out my foot
Touch the ground
Feel the resistance
Pull back in

Too fast to get off
Too fast to stay on

I stretch out an arm
Call out
Cry out


But it does not stop
It cannot stop

I sit
Look out
Watch the world spin
Long for the ground
The stillness
The calm

And then
One day
It stopped

Just like that

Fear kept it going
Fear made it stop

And I got off
Italy, 17th March 2020

Wordsmith: Heaven Crawley

Photographer: Heaven Crawley


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