The importance of breathing in our lives, is a no brainer. However, there are key moments that literally twists our heads and focus on the act of, the crucial role breathing has in our every living moment. Unlike any other time in our life time there is a global call on all of us to zone into the act of/importance of BREATHING.

Breathing has been a major focus in my life from day one, the struggle to breath from birth. The focus on how l breath or not breathing, throughout my childhood.

Coming out of my mother’s womb was quiet, l didn’t cry. It was touch and go. I could not breath. My entrance into the world was like a pacesetter. Breathing was a central focus. Statements like, her breathing is too heavy, whizzy, laboured, her heart is beating too fast, breathless. Stethoscopes, became second skin, that round metal exploring my chest, left, right, centre, breath in… breath out…

I remember my parents constantly on edge watching.

Fast forward into COVID 19 #lockdown and the George Floyd death #lcannotbreath. Its been sad, hard, surreal, moving, worrying it’s been unexplainable for many reasons. We cannot ignore how breathing is an obvious must in our lives. What made it even more interesting, was exploring it  with Heaven during this project, the obvious necessity of it and the way we ought to breath or not breath under different circumstances…

But Here l Am… (extract from my story) 
From birth…
l could not breathe 
From birth they said, 
l may not make it, 
they said l was weak 
I jumped into the pool, 
they said no 
I picked the tennis racket, 
they said no 
I ran, 
they said no 
They said l might die 
But here l am… March 2018

Wordsmith: Laura Nyahuye

Artwork: Heaven Crawley


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