One of the most beautiful aspects of this collaboration has been the way in which we have come to realise just how interwoven our lives and ways of seeing the world are.

Superficially we may appear very different – Black/White – Artist/Prof – Zimbabwean/British. Society often tries to box us in, forcing us to emphasise those aspects of our identities which allow us the greatest opportunity to lives the lives we want for ourselves and our families.

But our lives and experiences are deeply interwoven.

We set out on this journey with a deep sense of connection but without knowing each other. We had met just twice, the first time for less than ten minutes. Over the weeks it has become clear that the sense of connection we felt at the very beginning was not chance but rather reflected our experiences….

  • As women
  • As mothers and nurturers
  • As wives and survivors of domestic abuse
  • As human beings who started out with the possibility of not having a life at all
  • As migrants living in countries other than the ones in which we were born
  • As lovers and creators of beautiful things (art, nature, food)

This has become apparent to us in different ways as we have exchanged emails and images, poetry and photos, gradually revealing more of ourselves to each other.


What are the chances?

And it has inspired us to co-create in ways which we never envisaged at the outset of our collaboration, weaving together our words and ideas, created separately, in the process creating new ones…

Wordsmiths: Heaven Crawley/Laura Nyahuye

Photographer: Heaven Crawley