Press pause

Humanity is a tapestry of collective individualism. If only we could press pause, and celebrate every thread. We would all be living in bliss. No limits, No boundaries

Laura Nyahuye, February 2020

I love gatherings, hugs, face to face conversations. Human interactions. I get energised when humans meet up to plan, to create to talk, the sparkle in the eyes when we have those light bulb moments. In the company of people l know or do not know l thrive. I love it when we talk about deep things like…’ which drink are you having, turmeric latte, chai latte, coffee, tea??’  serious life decisions….!

I love laughing out loud with friends and colleagues. I thrive on the thoughts of a world that can creatively work together, seeing past colour, past creed. In these I… I…I. I believe I am speaking for many. 

At the core of Maokwo is Togetherness (Kubatana, Mushandirapamwe in Shona, my mother tongue).  

When COVID 19 knocked on our doors and asked us to isolate, distance, quarantine… I unexpectedly felt overwhelmed at the thought of Zooming, Skyping. I felt overwhelmed at the thought of a life online, constantly looking at the phone screen as means to what?… To an end …or to connect?. 

I consider myself, resilient, strong-minded. A Lioness. I fight, I get up, to get going…

So when l found myself, reluctant to connect, to Zoom in, Skype in… reluctant to Connect?

I had to #presspause…It forced me (like most of us to literally #PressPause

I put down the phone screens and intentionally took in, absorbed, the state WE as a globe find ourselves in… ISOLATION. I looked around, l saw a crispy chilly morning, I saw the flowers budding. 

I invited myself to be in the moment, to be present…


I remember my childhood, l hear my children pour their hearts out, l am pouring mine, l see, l smell, there is loss, Loss of loved ones. I brush across memories, memories in the DE cluttering of my home, I see, I see, I see the details. My daughters have the most gorgeous skin, faces, they are amazing humans, 

I hear the wind, the flower petals are floating and flying into our kitchen, making a temporary home on our kitchen floor, whilst sniffing in the smell of freshly baked coconut scones. The sounds of nature carrying on despite the pandemic state of the world, the earth, the stones in my back garden. My artwork, calling me to caress it once again … ‘it’s been a long, long time’… it whispers 

These past few years, I’ve been working myself ill. Towards the end of 2019, my body reached out to me, asked me to press pause. I did for a little while and then I went back to my normal. Then COVID-19 came.  

I feel compelled to invite you, me, us to intentionally, #presspause, have moments in our day, week, to press pause…

What do you see, feel, smell, remember?…

‘We have an opportunity to creatively, shift perceptions on different levels; take a 360 degrees stock of our lives political, mental health, wellbeing, belief system, the list is endless. Let do it together. The time is now…’

Laura Nyahuye, February 2020

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