On the cusp

Between winter and spring
Dark and light
Despair and hope

Fresh snow settles on the ground
Small signs of life
Of possibility
The promise of the future
Hidden from view
Buried deep

I close my eyes
Go inside
To the dark place
Hunker down
Wrap my arms around myself
Shield from the cold
And the bitter winds that bite me

But then there is light

The warmth of the spring sunshine
Touching my skin
Reminding me that I am alive
That the world is alive
With possibility
Hope for the future
The chance of a new start
A new beginning

The snow melts
The primroses appear
They were there all along
Waiting for the bitterness to pass
The cold to be pushed to one side
The sunshine to return

A tussle
A fight
Between winter and spring
The darkness and the light
Even as I watch
I know that one cannot exist without the other
That this space of uncertainty
Of in-betweenness
Will inevitably pass


When finally it came
Its beauty overwhelmed me

The greenness of the grass
The fragrance of the blossom
The abundance of sunshine and light
I breathe deep
Take in the sights
The sounds of spring
And walk on

Wordsmith: Heaven Crawley

Designer maker: Heaven Crawley

Photographer: Heaven Crawley


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