I see God

I see God
in the nothingness
empty see through warmth worming its way through intricacies of veins
squishy lungs rhythmic machine named heart
In the in and out blending, this atmospheric nothingness
dancing in synergy, then swoosh back in
I see God

I see God
brain exploding full to the brim
pulsating with???!!! with screams unheard
chocked internal pleas bulging eyes 
questions giggles giggles

I see God
in the tension of love and the guarding of my heart
how far how near
Do I…
Do I come back
…….yearning to let go
surrender to the call of freedom of where the spirit of God is
there is freedom
how far do I go

I see God
in my waking up
in my going out
in my coming in
In the flapping ,twitching ,watering of my eyes
in my observing that winter deadened tree
sprouting green knobbly life
promising more to come

I see God
in the clapping
the row of people down my street
waving cars beeping ….
smiles everywhere ,familiar ,knowing
a glimpse of a neighbour

I see God
in the sinking feeling ,that I've done it again
I've let myself down again
Dread dread dread
stagnated breathing
even breath itself unsure about passing through my lungs
sinking floating
I see God

I see God
in the unsureness of life
in the complications
the falling into place within puzzles 
in the complexities
the frown triggers
the tear jerkers
the break up hoarders

life is peculiar or is it ?
Is it an existence that unravels itself is we take one step after the other?
Is it an existence that's been written for us before we walked it
is it a fulfilment of Gods promise to us
is it what we make it or don't make it
either way
I see God

Coventry, UK April 2020 

Model/Artist: Laura Nyahuye

Wordsmith: Laura Nyahuye

Designer maker: Laura Nyahuye

Photographer: John Whitmore


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